Muscat Livestock Australian Lamb AUS Bone-in Lamb Ribs Standard Chops 6-7 pieces - 1 kg

لحم ضأن أسترالي - ريش بالعظم 6-7 قطع 1 كيلو

4.900 OMR 4.350 OMR SAVE 0.550 OMR

حجم : 500 جم 4-5 قطع

500 جم 4-5 قطع
1kg 8-9 pieces

لحم ضأن استرالي- ريش بالعظم 1 كجم - 6-7 قطع - كل منتجاتنا 100% حلال

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لحم ضأن استرالي- ريش بالعظم 1 كجم - 6-7 قطع - كل منتجاتنا 100% حلال

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500 جم 4-5 قطع, 1kg 8-9 pieces

Quality Meat for Quality Meals

At MLS, we're not just producing good meat.

We're on a mission to improve the way you eat by giving you better meat choices with our sustainable farming system.

✅ 100% Halal and Fresh
✅ 100% hormones and antibiotics free.
✅ Delivered fresh within 2 hours.
✅ Daily delivery across Muscat and Sohar 9 am to 11 pm.
✅ Biodegradable responsible packaging.
✅ Responsibly raised animals, perfected in Oman.

2000+ Customers Reviews

"موصى به للغاية! منذ المرة الأولى التي جربت فيها لحومهم ، لم أعد أشتريها في أي متجر لحوم. دائمًا أشبع رغبتي الشديدة في تناول اللحوم عندما يتعلق الأمر بشرائح اللحم!"

Diana A.

"Tender and full of flavor. You can't go wrong with this cut. I have cooked it to 3 doneness levels: medium, medium well and well-done, all come out perfect."

Mohammed S.

"The first time I've chosen an animal online via MLS to be sacrified on Eid and I can gladly writing this review that it was the best experience I have ever had."

Waseem K.

"I recommend MLS! It was a fast and smooth delivery. These cuts was perfect for my chosen dish. I always buy my beef from MLS and they always meet my expectations."

Aprillie G.

I ordered a few products, and to my surprise, the quality of the meat was top-notch; you feel the freshness, and the marbling was excellent for lamb. I recommend MLS.

Mikael M.

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abdullah al kindi

Was nice and good portions