The History of MLS

A little under fifteen years ago, Naveed Ahmad created an enterprise with the intention of importing livestock into the Omani city of Muscat.
Some 30 years earlier in the small North-eastern city of Ibra, capital of the Ash Sharqiya region, his father had opened the city’s first butcher shop. The trade had been passed down to him from his father in his homeland of Pakistan

Family Business

Muscat Livestock Owners

With the trade very much ingrained in their history, Nadeem joined his brother in 2014 after returning, post-grad, from the UK. The business continued to grow, importing livestock and producing, processing and marketing premium quality lamb, mutton and beef.

As the brothers had grown up around butchery watching their grandfather and father master the trade, they knew what was expected from a butcher. Muscat has over 700 outlets selling meat, be that butchers, markets or shops, standing out in the crowded market was going to be the key.

Their focus had always been on supplying premium quality red meats. To really excel, they needed to create a customer experience that changed the game. Whilst their store operated to the highest standard, with only the highest quality produce, it was the 2020 pandemic that saw the biggest shift in their business.

Turning a Negative into a Positive

Muscat Livestock

Thinking outside of the box once again, the brothers worked quickly to create an eCommerce store, As people over the world were asked by authorities to stay at home to help reduce the spread of the virus, MLS began to deliver their produce to doors around the city of Muscat.

Offering turn-around times of just 2 hours across the city, the brothers ensured their customers still has access to the produce they had come to know and love. Recognising the struggles being faced by the residents and providing a solution has been key to the success of MLS.

Now in 2022, the brand has 4 retail stores, 2 steakhouses and 1 cloud kitchen. Serving their premium red meats from gourmet stores akin to that of a luxury high-street brand, but also through the click of a button on a mobile phone or tablet screen. The face of butchery in Oman was changed forever.

What the Future Holds

Muscat Livestock Online Meat Store

Moving forward, the brothers intend to continue growing the brand until it is synonymous with premium red meat throughout Oman and the region. Their passion, drive, experience and ethos has certainly carried them a distance so far.

The steakhouses, Arcadian and MLS Steakhouse have quickly become the talk of the city, where only the best cuts of meat are selected fresh and direct from MLS. Executive chef, Krishna preparing exquisite menus with both local and international delights.

The lush surroundings of each restaurant are reflected in the luxury décor found inside. With Oman’s best cuts of meat on hand, the food is sublime in its flavour, and presentation. Muscats fine dining has been upped a level.

To read more about the steakhouses, you can visit their respective websites here – ArcadianMLS Steakhouse.

To order any of the premium halal meats, delivered within 2 hours to anywhere in Muscat, you can follow this link.


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