How can I refer friends?

Sign up/ log in to your account; Go to the page called, Refer Your Friend. Enter your email and press next.

Enter your friend's email; we'll send a referral link via email to your friend or copy the link and send your friend via SMS, WhatsApp, or Messenger.

Your friend will get 2 Striploin steaks, 250 gm of each, and as a reward you will get 2 Striploin Steaks for each successful referral.

الأسئلة الشائعة

Can I refer only one friend?

No, you can refer as many friends as you want. The more friends you refer, the more discount you get.

ما هي الإحالة الناجحة؟

يجب على صديقك المُحال إكمال عملية شراء بقيمة 15 ريال عماني كحد أدنى عبر رابط الإحالة؛ يجب أن تكون أول عملية شراء يقوم بها صديقك.

What causes a referral to fail?

If the referred customer clicked on the referral link; but then made the purchase on a different IP address or user agent, the referring customer would not get the kickback.

كيف تعمل مكافأة MLS؟

Browse the MLS Rewards program here.