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Tender, Juicy

MLS brings pure Australian Black Angus beef for genuine meat lovers
First retailer in Oman to deliver fresh Angus
beef from Australia within 2 hours.

MLS brings award-winning
Angus beef to your plate

Sourced from Rosedale Farms in Australia

2019 World Steak Challenge


Australian Beef Farmer of the Year


World Steak Challenge

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From boneless to bone-in, from quality to the ultimate beef experience, MLS got you covered! So why settle for less? Treat your tastebuds to the finest beef on the market.
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50,000 customers

“Super quality meat. Very professional and clean delivery. Probably the best butcher in the Muscat current ”

Graeme S. (verified Customer)

Professional and Clean Delivery

“I am a regular customer of MLS. I like the products , it is always fresh”

Rami M. ( verified buyer )

Very good

“Simply an amazing piece of meat, good quality, taste great and no after taste.... must know how to grill it”

Eihab A. ( Verified customer)

Tomahawk Amazing !!!

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Savor the flavors- Presenting MLS Black Angus beef

From pasture to your plate, discover the journey of premium MLS Australian Angus beef and get ready to savor every bite.