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Unmatched Flavor, Pure Luxury

Aus Wagyu Beef Burger 125gm x 2 for just OMR 2.880!

Experience the luxury from farm to your fork

MLS is loved by over
50,000 customers

“Super quality meat. Very professional and clean delivery.
Probably the best butcher in the Muscat current ”

Graeme S. (verified Customer)

Professional and Clean Delivery

“I am a regular customer of MLS. I like the products,
it is always fresh”

Rami M. ( verified buyer )

Very good

“Simply an amazing piece of meat, good quality, taste great
and no after taste.... must know how to grill it”

Eihab A. ( Verified customer)

Tomahawk Amazing !!!

Your luxurious meat experience awaits you

Your luxurious meat experience awaits you


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