It could be said that we love meat, it would be an accurate summary of our passions. To further that, we love grilled meat. Nothing beats the finish of a barbeque, it’s the original method that humankind used when we first started to cook food. As the only mammal on the planet that does this, we certainly know how to embrace it.

At MLS, we love to deliver all we can to help you enjoy our meats to the maximum. That’s why we teamed up with Casabella Oman. We now offer a great range of grills, woods and accessories to help you take your grill game up to the next level.

Offering 48-hour delivery, six days a week (excl. Friday) with a best-in-class range of grills and accessories from Oklahoma Joe and Char-Broil, upgrading your grill just got even easier.

Introducing Oklahoma Joe


Oklahoma Joe MLS

Joe Davidson, AKA Oklahoma Joe built 12 smokers for the Oklahoma State Fair back in 1987. He sold all 12 and took orders for 100 more. That’s a tall order by any standards for one man, so naturally he employed some workers, got himself a premises and the rest is history.

Today Oklahoma Joe’s grills and smokers are some of the world’s best known, taking titles at competitions all over the world. With a varied range of burners, barbeques, smokers and grills, there isn’t much you can’t cook.

Tabletop smokers, drum smokers, charcoal, gas and combination grills are all available through our site where your new perfect grilling partner awaits. This, and a whole load of accessories such as marinade injectors, meat shears, aprons, gloves and much more.



Char-Broil Grill MLS

Char-Broil, Oklahoma Joe’s parent company since a take-over in 1998, designed, produced and delivered one of America’s first charcoal grills back in 1948. Since then, they’ve been a market leader developing cooking systems to improve the way we barbeque food.

Offering everything you need to master the art of grilling, Char-Broil aim to improve your game. With cedar planks, pizza stone kits, rotisserie fixtures, cleaning solutions, all alongside their range of grills and burners, the ultimate garden grilling set up is just a few clicks away.

The Finishing Touches


The Finishing Touches

The woods, charcoals and accessories also on offer are the cream on the cake, or, perhaps more appropriately the sauce on the steak. With barbeque tool sets, pans, brushes, cleaning fluids, meat presses and more, MLS can now deliver the full barbeque experience.

Some Inspiration

If you’re new to the delights of smokers, or you’re thinking about an upgrade, here’s a little bit of inspiration to get the mouth-watering.

Our Australian Black Angus beef short ribs are perfect for a long, slow cook in the smoker. Combined with Apple Blend Pellets from OJ, the tender, flavoursome meat will be falling off the bone, onto your plate and into the history books.

Another big hit for slow cooking in the smoker is the grain fed,  Australian Black Angus brisket. Evenly cut for optimum flavour, the meat is hormone and anti-biotic free as well as 100% halal. The brisket has been the expert smoker’s go to, and our Australian Angus brisket cuts are some of the finest on the globe.

To check the full range of grills and accessories, follow this link.

November 25, 2021 — Mahmoud Aldayriyeh

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