They say that variety is the spice of life. Well, at Muscat Livestock we embraced that notion to bring you the biggest and best selection of fresh red meat from around the world. Amongst our menu you’ll find a huge range of choice in not just meat, but the cuts as well.

We get that this can be a little confusing, with so much to choose from it is easy to become overwhelmed. To help the uninitiated out a little, we’ve put together this handy guide of what cuts are what!

What are the different cuts of meat?

Boneless and bone-in cubes

Boneless and bone-in cubes

Tasty cubes of meat, with or without bone that are perfect for curries, stews, kebabs and many more tasty dishes. We offer beef and lamb in boneless and bone-in, as well as boneless cubed camel.


Steaks in Oman

Our beef steaks come in many different varieties themselves. From ribeye to fillet or sirloin to striploin, these prize cuts of beef are always a firm favourite at a barbeque.

As varied as the cuts of steaks are, you’ll also find huge variation in the origins of our beef. We have Australian grass fed, Japanese A5 Wagyu, American Black Angus and many more to try.


Ribs in Oman

Ribs are fairly self-explanatory. A less meaty part of the chop, with a handy bone for you to cling on to. Our lamb, mutton and beef ribs are taken from the same, highest quality sources as the rest of our produce.


Brisket  in Oman

The beef brisket is a choice piece of beef from the breast or lower chest of the animal. It is a tough cut of meat, but slow cooking it will counter that and leave you with beef that falls apart. Mmmmm.


Shanks in Oman

The shank is the leg of an animal taken from beneath the knee or shoulder. As well as the ever-popular lamb shank, we also offer beef shanks. The most popular method of cooking a shank is braising, leaving the meat falling off the bone.


Mutton and Lamb Legs online in Oman

Leg of lamb differs from the shank, in that it is the upper, meatier part of the leg. With less connective tissue, the leg comes on or off the bone. Slow roasted, this flavoursome cut is full of juices and that otherworldly aromatic lamb taste.


Shoulder meat in Oman

Another slow roaster from the lamb, the shoulder is packed with even richer flavours than the leg. When slow roasted, the connective tissue will break down releasing marinating juices that run wild around the meat.

Whole Carcass

Whole Carcass in Oman

We also offer whole Somali sheep carcass. Taking one of these away, we would expect you to be a little more experienced in the kitchen. We offer five cutting options, from whole, half, 6-way, cubed or take on your special request.

Outside of all our delicious cuts we also offer burgers, mishkak or mince, in either beef, lamb or camel. If you have any special request or requirement, why not give us a call and if we can accommodate that request, we’ll be happy to do so.

You can get in touch here. Or you can view our full range here. If you prefer to shop in-store, visit any of our retail meat shops, MLS Gourmet, at Al Khoud, Muscat, and Sohar, for fresh red meat and a superior customer experience.

January 10, 2022 — Mahmoud Aldayriyeh

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