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Please send your order number and exact photos of your received item if you have any issues with your order. It will help us trace your order with our production team.

You can email or WhatsApp at 9242 3242 within 24 hours of receiving your order.

How does our 100% money back guarantee work?

Email/ Message

Drop a Whatsapp message or send us an email within 24 hours after delivery.


We will exchange the product and deliver it again to your door, or you can pick it up if you want.


You will receive the product or a refund. Refunds will be processed within 14 working days.

How does our 100% money back guarantee work?

Abbas Ali (MLS Customer)

"Congratulations MLS for such great service and for having an amazing staff. The order delivered to me wasn't correct, and I just raised a very casual concern over MLS Whatsapp service to get the exchange. What MLS did was amazing and unbelievable; they didn't only deliver me the product but also gave me two more products as a gift to compensate. This is just impeccable post-purchase customer service. I would definitely order again, and will also recommend it to others."

Incorrect Product

You may only return the product if incorrect product is delivered to you. You must complain within 24 hours.

Online Payment

For online payments, we will reimburse your bank account from which the payment was initially received.

Cash on Delivery

For cash on delivery, we will reimburse cash to you upon provision of an acknowledgment of the receipt of reimbursement.


In case of any discrepancy, the product must be returned by you immediately at the time of delivery or self-pickup within 24 hours.

Payment Process

The payment will be processed within a reasonable time period, not less than 14 working days.

Casabella Orders

All grills and accessory orders are fulfilled by our partner Casabella Oman, in case of any issues after delivery, MLS will assist the customer within 7 working days.